Official Announcement

September 2, 2013

I have agreed with O'Reilly Media to write a book titled Mobile & Web Messaging.

The book will be an introduction to the concepts of messaging protocols (and how they differ from request/reply protocols) targeted for mobile and Web developers.

Messaging protocols have been used for a long time in the enterprise software (such as JMS on Java platform) and they start to permeate in mobile and Web environments.

These environments have different characteristics from enterprise environments and the messaging protocols targeted for them differ from enterprise messaging protocols.

O'Reilly agreed to license this book under a creative commons license. That is important since this means the book will be written in the open and the source of the code hosted at GitHub. Examples of the book will also be available on GitHub.

This is a long dream come true as I always wanted to write a book. I often joke that I prefer to write about code than write code... It's time to show that I mean it.

I am grateful that my employer, Red Hat, kindly accepted to let me spend some of my work time working on this book.

News about the book will be posted here and on Twitter:

More to come...