Messaging Protocols for Mobile Devices and the Web

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The use of mobile devices is increasing and widening. Not only smartphones and tablets are connected to Internet but also home devices, car systems, etc. in the Internet of Things.

Even though these devices are increasingly powerful, they still have some constraints unknown from desktop computers and servers, they have limited battery life and intermittent network availability. They require protocols to communicate with other devices and servers in a reliable and efficient way. The messaging protocols are suited to overcome these constraints and use efficiently their most critical resources (network bandwidth and memory usage).

Web applications are increasingly running on these devices. For these applications too, the messaging protocols can make them more efficient and responsive.

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  • Official Announcement September 2, 2013

    I have agreed with O'Reilly Media to write a book title Mobile & Web Messaging. The book will be an introduction to the concepts of messaging protocols (and how they differ from request/reply protocols) targeted for mobile and Web developers. Messaging protocols have been used for a long time in the enterprise...

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